Runners: Create Your Fundraising Campaign

[Note to runners: the special fundraising effort in support of the Sheriff's Office is not included in the fundraising program that can earn a refund of your entry fee, described below.]

Runners are encouraged to promote fundraising in support of "The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys", which fights prostate, breast, colon and other cancers and directly helps those living in the Keys who have been severely impacted by these diseases. Donations support free screenings, educational outreach and financial and medical support.  Raising three times your registration fee in donations earns a full refund of that fee.  Any runner in the individual competitions, or team in the relay race, is eligible. Just deliver paid donations in an amount at least equal to three (3) times your paid registration fee and it will be refunded in full. For example: a team that registers before midnight, December 18, 2017 will have paid a team entry fee of $750. If that team delivers donations of at least $2,250 prior to race day, the entire $750 race registration fee will be refunded. Similarly, an individual 100-miler who registered prior to midnight on December 18 will have paid an entry fee of $240. If that runner raises at least $720 in paid donations by race day, his/her paid fee of $240 will be refunded in full.

Beginning your fundraising campaign is easy. As part of the registration process, you will have the option of setting-up your fundraising page.  Alternatively, you may click on the link below to do so.  Then, when people donate online, ask them to select your name in the Fundraiser list, then simply donate. You will be credited automatically.

Some fundraisers prefer to raise money under a pseudonym or as a team with others. You have either of these options, too.  Once established, be sure to tell your donors to select this new name.  Please note: when registering for the race, you will be given the option to donate personally at that time.  Doing so will create a "no strings attached" donation--i.e., you will not be credited as a fundraiser with that donation.  If you wish to donate AND receive credit for it as a fundraiser, set-up your page first, then go to the "Make a Donation" page and donate there.