Race Director Bob Becker's Race Report

Photo albums taken by race photographer, Bob Schnell:
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4
Album 5
Album 6
Note: A link will be posted shortly so that anyone may directly retrieve a high resolution "copy" of any of these race photos.  Stay tuned.

"The Citizen" newspaper,, race story published May 18, 2015: 
Running: KEYS100 Ultramarathon

Race Marshal Jamie Woyton's Race Report
00 Miler Desiree Sant Race Report
Military team member Kim Gates 
Race Report
100 Miler Jodi Weiss Race Report
Avery Frantz very first race ever--and finished 8th overall: Race Report
Annie Loffredo 50K Race Report and Photos

Road Warriors, including Brian Thomas 50M and Caitlin Lopez 50Km: Warriors on the Road
00 Miler Christy Johnston Race Video