All races will have groups of approximately 25-30 runners starting the race at 5-minute intervals.

The initial wave(s) will include elites and those identified as likely top competitors based upon past performance and anticipated finish times. (Qualifying times to compete in first waves: 100 mile individual--under 21 hours.  50 mile individual--under 10 hours.  50 Kilometer--under 6 hours. Team relay--under 13 hours.) 

Subsequent waves will be filled using registration dates: the earlier the team or individual has officially registered for the race, the earlier their wave placement.  (The Race Director reserves the right to assign any runner or team to any heat without regard to this procedure.)
Relay race heats begin at 5:45 AM.

100 mile heats start at 6:15 AM.  

50 mile heats start at 9:45 AM.  

50 kilometer starts begin at 1:00 PM.