A. Restrictions for 2018: The team or individual runner support vehicle may be a car, SUV, minivan or full-size (12-passenger) van.  Not allowed on the course at any time are motor-homes or RVs of any type and of any length, including slide-in truck campers.  Oversize vans such as Ford 15-passenger Transit or similar vans or “Sprinter”-type vans, including those that have been converted to RVs, are not allowed. In addition, no trailers of any kind or size may be used in this race. Only one active support vehicle per team will be allowed on the course. The spirit of this rule is to minimize traffic disruption including pulling on and off the highway as well as to minimize parking issues in support/exchange locations.  The decision of the Race Director or his designee will be final should any question arise about acceptability of a support vehicle.  If you are unsure about whether your vehicle will be okay, ask the RD BEFORE the race. 
B. All race vehicles must meet the minimum requirements of property damage and personal injury liability automobile insurance for the state of Florida. All vehicle drivers must be fully licensed.
C. All support vehicles must have the runner or team's race number easily visible on all four sides of the vehicle. (Adding runner or team name is strongly encouraged, but not required.) Home-made signs, letters made from contrasting-color tape, window “crayons” or professionally made signs are all acceptable as long as they are adequately visible. In addition, all race vehicles must display required race signs on the back of the vehicle-- "CAUTION: RUNNERS ON ROAD", and "SUPPORTING RUNNERS CREW, SLOW MOVING VEHICLE".  One of each sign per individual racer and race team will be provided at packet pick-up. Bring your own roll of blue painter’s tape to affix them! Magnetic, reflective, professionally made signs for this purpose may be ordered from your local sign shop instead, if you prefer.
D. Vehicles will "leap-frog" the runner along the race route. Racers may not be "shadowed" (driving a vehicle at the runner's speed) and vehicles must not "caravan" at any speed. Driving must be done at the speed of traffic, never slowing down to encourage, talk to or lend assistance to any racer while moving. All support must be provided by crew members on the ground; handing the runner supplies from the vehicle is never allowed. Violations will result in time penalties or DQ and will be strictly enforced.  
E. All support vehicles must have their headlights on whenever the engine is running, 24 hours a day.
F. Vehicles must be parked completely off the road surface whenever they are stopped, without blocking the road shoulder or running path, including with an open door. Vehicles may stop anywhere for fuel or food or to take in the views, but team exchanges or runner support MUST be limited to locations on the official lists to be provided at pre-race meetings.