For the 100 mile race, pacers are allowed AFTER the first 10 miles--i.e., beginning at the MM90 aid station.  

For the 50 mile race, pacers are allowed AFTER Seven Mile Bridge.  

For the 50 kilometer race, pacers are allowed beginning on Ramrod Key at the “Individual Crew Support Location” at approximately MM27.3.  

Runners in the individual events may not be accompanied by more than one pacer at any time except for the last 1/4 mile before the finish line when all crew members are invited and encouraged to run across the finish line with their runner.

For pacers still on the course with their runners at night--strictly defined as 7:30pm Saturday until 6:00am Sunday--ALL pacers (and all runners) must wear a vest (or similar item) with reflective material clearly visible 360 degrees as well as colored blinking LED lights facing front and rear.  Anyone not complying will be immediately pulled from the race. Headlamps do NOT count, although use of these is also highly recommended.  BOTH reflective vest (or similar) and blinking lights must be worn.