Every Runner & Every Team--and Their Respective Volunteers--Are Equally Responsible for Knowing and Complying with ALL Rules.  READ THEM.  Runners and Team Captains: Attend Orientation Where They Will Be Carefully Reviewed.


Anyone using an intravenous device or supplemental oxygen for ANY reason will be immediately disqualified from continuing to race. If medically required for a team member, that runner may not continue under any circumstances.  Any other use of an IV or oxygen by a team member will result in immediate disqualification of the entire team.   

AFTER SUNDOWN.  Defined strictly as 7:30pm Saturday until 6:00am Sunday, ALL racers (and pacers, if any,) must wear a vest or similar item with reflective material clearly visible 360 degrees, as well as colored blinking LED lights facing front and rearAnyone not complying will immediately be stopped and not allowed to continue, and may be pulled from the race. Both reflective vest (or similar) AND blinking lights must be worn.  Wear all gear as prescribed or sit until morning.  No exceptions.  Your life--and the race permit--are at stake.  Important note: Headlamps do NOT count as required safety gear, but wearing one or carrying another type of light is strongly recommended.  It can be extremely dark in certain sections of the course which will materially impact your ability to maintain your preferred pace. Be smart; be prepared with all appropriate nighttime gear.

For teams and crewed runners: These limits will apply when having to cross US#1 on foot due to location of parking to either exchange or support a runner.  For teams, only the new runner and a maximum of ONE additional team member may cross the road for the exchange and to assist the finishing runner. For individual runners, no more than ONE crew member and a pacer may cross the road.  All others must remain on the vehicle side, well back from the roadway.  ALWAYS when you must cross the highway, wait for traffic to pass in both directions, then cross with extreme care.  NEVER cause traffic to slow down or stop when crossing highway. YOU MUST WAIT. Severe time penalties or DQ will be enforced with a zero tolerance policy towards dangerous crossings of, or behavior on, any roadway.  EXCEPTION: at MM40 after crossing Seven Mile Bridge, all team members or individual runner support crew may cross the road to meet their runner.  As stated below, however, runners may only be met AFTER reaching the driveway into Veteran's Park and NOT near the end of the bridge or aid station.

AID STATION food, drinks, ice, and other supplies (as well as ice and water at un-staffed cooler locations) are for individual runners ONLY and not for pacers and other crew members.  Quantities are stocked and replenished with runners only in mind.  Teams are self-contained and are not served at aid stations except in emergencies.  Note that the finish line is different; food and drinks are for all runners, team members and REGISTERED volunteers.

RESTRICTION AT END OF SEVEN MILE BRIDGE--MM40: To avoid a bottleneck and allow runners to pass or be served at the aid station, no one other than race staff and active runners are allowed between the end of the bridge and the driveway into Veterans Park. Individual runner crews and teams must meet their runners past the driveway.  Crew support or a runner exchange may only take place there.  No parking will be allowed on the shoulder on that side of the road to accommodate this activity.  Vehicles are moving at high speed in this area, so it can be very dangerous.  Extreme caution must be taken when crossing the highway.

BIB NUMBERS must be worn on the runner's front and be clearly visible at all times.


PRESCRIBED EXCHANGE & SUPPORT LOCATIONS. Team runner exchanges and individual runner crew support, must take place at prescribed stops only. Separate preliminary lists of these locations appear on the race website; FINAL lists which must be used during the race will be distributed and reviewed at pre-race orientation meetings. You are not required to use every stop; but, when an exchange is made or support given, it must be at one of these locations.  First violation will receive a one-hour time penalty.  Second violation will result in immediate disqualification.

NEVER DISRUPT TRAFFIC. Vehicles pulling on and off the road must do so conservatively, waiting for an adequate opening and not interrupting moving vehicles.  Once on the road, speed must be maintained; no slowing down to converse with or otherwise support any runner.  As with the other rules, time penalties apply.

ACTIVITY PROHIBITED ON BRIDGES.  No change of runners is ever allowed on a bridge.  This includes Seven Mile Bridge.  No support of any kind may be given to a runner on any bridge, and no support may ever be given from a moving vehicle.  If approaching Snake Creek drawbridge (MM85.7) with gates down OR warning lights flashing that indicate the bridge is about to go up, runner must stop IMMEDIATELY and wait until the bridge re-opens for vehicular and foot traffic. ANY VIOLATION OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.  THIS INCLUDES TEAM DQ IF THE TEAM RUNNER ON SEVEN MILE BRIDGE IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE DISTANCE.

PARK OFF ROADWAY.  Vehicles must be parked completely off the road surface whenever stopped.  Vehicle doors must not open onto the road.  Do not block bike lanes or trails.  NEVER block a driveway, park or enter on private property uninvited, and NEVER walk a dog on private property.

SUPPORT VEHICLE.  Each team must have its own vehicle, and only one vehicle per team (or individual runner) will be allowed on the course.  A “shuttle” vehicle to ferry crew or gear to the support vehicle is permitted on a very limited basis, but the “shuttle” may not remain on the course in active support.
Vehicle size & type restrictions--FIRM: The team or individual runner support vehicle may be a car, SUV, minivan or full-size (12-passenger) van.  Not allowed on the course at any time are motor-homes or RVs of any type and of any length, including slide-in truck campers.  Oversize vans including Sprinter-type vans or Ford 15-passenger Transit or similar vans, and vans or “Sprinter” vans that have been converted to RVs, are not allowed. No trailers of any kind or size may be used in this race.  Only one active support vehicle per team will be allowed on the course. The decision of the Race Director or his designee will be final should any question arise about acceptability of a support vehicle.  If you are unsure about whether your vehicle will be okay, ask the RD BEFORE the race. 
Family & Friends Vehicles--NEW: Due to extremely limited parking throughout the race, secondary vehicles, including those of family and friends, are NOT permitted at any support or exchange location or aid station.  Supporters, including family and friends, are invited to view the race start and are welcome to watch the finish at Higgs Beach. They may also park at non-race support locations and cheer their runner from there or walk to a support location--including an aid station--to do so. To reiterate: PARKING is the issue, not cheering fans!

VEHICLE MARKING & SIGNS.  Vehicles must have the team or runner number CLEARLY visible--team or runner name is recommended but optional--on all four sides of the vehicle, and must display both "CAUTION: RUNNERS ON ROAD" AND “SUPPORTING RUNNERS CREW, SLOW MOVING VEHICLE” signs on the rear of the vehicle, as required by race permits.  (These signs will be provided at pre-race check-in.)  Bring blue painter's tape for mounting. Headlights must be on whenever the engine is running.


STRICTLY FOLLOW COURSE.  Run ONLY where course instructions direct at all times.  Cross the highway ONLY where instructed to do so.  Examples: When running on the road shoulder, racers MUST RUN ON THE OCEAN SIDE OF THE ROAD FACING TRAFFIC AT ALL TIMES.  THIS IS NOT AN OPTION.  When a bike path or sidewalk is available, runners will be instructed to use it and MUST run there and NOT on the road shoulder. This is also NOT an option and will be considered cutting the course.  The race’s intent is to keep runners off the road to the maximum extent possible. Runners failing to comply will be required to retrace their steps to the point of infraction, then run the proper route.

DECORUM.  Runners and crew must display courtesy, good taste, decorum and sportsmanship at all times, and must not litter, mar or pollute the landscape or environment.  That includes defecation anywhere other than in bathrooms and portable toilets which are available throughout the Keys.  Use them.  Penalties for doing otherwise, including immediate DQ for flagrant violations, apply.  Nudity is specifically not allowed and will be severely penalized.

CHECKING-IN AND OUT.  Individual runners MUST check-in at all eleven (11) staffed aid station, and teams must check-in at the aid stations at MM73.9, MM50 and MM25.

NO BIKES.  Supporters or pacers on bikes, skates, skateboards and the like are never allowed under any circumstances.

RUNNING UNDER OWN POWER.  Runners must progress under their own power without any type of physical assistance.  Runners may not use walking sticks, ski poles or similar.  Neither runner nor crew may carry an umbrella or shade cover while progressing on the course.  Artificial cooling vests or systems are prohibited.  Wearing ice in a bandana, buff or other article of clothing is permitted and encouraged.


ENFORCEMENT: Violations of race rules will result in a time penalty for each infraction of up to one hour at the discretion of race marshals. Depending upon the severity of the violation and other factors, including but not limited to flagrancy of the violation and safety considerations, violators may be disqualified from the race at any time at the discretion of the Race Director.  A second violation of the required team hand-off and individual support location rule WILL result in DQ.  This is a permit and safety obligation.  No exceptions.  Race marshals and staff will be monitoring the course throughout the race for runner health and safety and rules compliance.

MARSHAL’S JOB—NOTE TO ALL.  Race marshals will be on the route to assist runners and teams in any reasonable way.  Some will be driving in separate vehicles and others will be imbedded with teams or individual runners’ crews. Marshals will monitor compliance with race rules and be empowered to levy penalties, including disqualification.  When workload and circumstances permit (including the direction being traveled), marshals may ferry un-crewed “dropped” runners to the next aid station.  Other race staff on the course will assist in such cases as time and circumstances permit.  Marshals are NOT authorized to provide medical support, but will attempt to reach race medical staff or call 911, when warranted.

ONE TEAM VOLUNTEER TO WORK MINIMUM 4 HOURS--READ CAREFULLYCAPTAINS: THIS IS A RACE REQUIREMENT FOR SOME TEAMS.  Virtually all ultra-distance team relay races have significant volunteer requirements.  (Ragnar, for example, requires EVERY team to provide three race volunteers.)  Without this help, it is extremely difficult for ultra-distance races to provide necessary runner support during the event.  For KEYS100, each team with one or more team members residing within 50 miles of any point along the course MUST provide at least one race volunteer to be available on race weekend for a minimum of four (4) hours to work at an aid station or the finish line.  A team driver does NOT meet this requirement! Online Volunteer Registration is required; this allows volunteers to select the position and time slot they prefer--first come, first served--and to confirm that they are fulfilling your team requirement.  FOR 2018, ALL TEAMS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A VOLUNTEER MUST DO SO NO LATER THAN MAY 1.  FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL MAKE THE TEAM INELIGIBLE FOR RACE AWARDS.  While this is a race requirement, we respectfully request everyone's help in encouraging as many people as possible to volunteer.  (It is inevitably a gratifying and inspiring experience for those who do.)  Please do your fair share in support of the race: identify your team volunteer and have him/her register before May 1st. This requirement will be monitored and enforced.